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We know candidates in the South Dakota trust company and South Dakota bank trust department field unlike anyone else. While other recruitment agencies try to broaden their reach into more fields and more geographic areas, we think we service our candidates best by only focussing on one field (trust and trust company positions) and one geographic region (South Dakota). We know this industry and its people, and wholly understand your career goals. We dedicate ourselves to every candidate, and take the time to get to know you your and goals, helping to prepare you along the way and connect you with the right opportunities.

Why Use Trusted Source Recruiting, LLC?

  • You are looking for a new job in the trust or trust company field in South Dakota
  • You want a recruiter that focusses solely on one niche and geographic region
  • You want a recruiting team that offers personalized service and is attuned to your needs (from offering resume suggestions to mapping your ideal career)
  • You want to get your foot in the door for high-level trust positions that may not be offered through traditional mediums
  • You want to apply for jobs confidentially
  • You want a strategic partner for a career move

Trusted Source Recruiting is the premier recruiting firm specifically for the trust industry in South Dakota.

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